LY1-C40PV/3(S) 1500V(D4) Pluggable Multi-Pole SPD

LY1-C40PV/3(S) 1500V(D4) Pluggable Multi-Pole SPD

Short Description:

Class I Class II Type 1 Type 2
Location of Use: Sub-Distribution Boards
Mode of Protection: (DC+) – PE, (DC-) – PE
Surge Ratings: In = 20 kA (8/20 μs)
IEC/EN/UL Category: Class I+II / Type 1+2
Protective Elements: High Energy MOV
Housing: Pluggable Design
Compliance: IEC 61643-31:2018 EN 50539-11:2013+A1:2014

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Technical Data

Prewired complete unit for photovoltaic systems consisting of a base part and plug-in protection modules
Fault-resistant Y circuit with three heavy-duty varistors prevents damage to the surge protective device in case of insulation faults in the generator circuit
Tested to EN 61643-31

IEC Electrical 1500
Nominal AC Voltage                                                Uo/ Un 1500 V
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (DC)         Uc 1500 V
Nominal Discharge Current (8/20 μs)                        In 20 kA
Maximum Discharge Current (8/20 μs)                     Imax 40 kA
Impulse Discharge Current (10/350 μs)                    Iimp 6.25 kA
Voltage Protection Level Up 5.6 kV
Response Time tA < 25 ns
Back-Up Fuse (max) 125 A gL / gG
Short-Circuit Current Rating (AC)                            ISCCR 25 kA / 50 kA
Mechanical & Environmental
Operating Temperature Range Ta -40ºF to +158ºF [-40ºC to +70ºC]
Permissible Operating Humidity RH 5%...95%
Atmospheric pressure and altitude 80k Pa ... 106k Pa / -500 m.....2000 m
Terminal Screw Torque Mmax 39.9 Ibf ·in [4.5 Nm]
Conductor Cross Section (max) 2 AWG (Solid, Stranded) / 4 AWG (Flexible)
35 mm2  (Solid, Stranded) / 25 mm2(Flexible)
Mounting 35 mm DIN Rail, EN 60715
Degree of Protection IP 20 (built-in)
Housing Material Thermoplastic: Extinguishing Degree UL 94 V-0
Thermal Protection Yes
Operating State / Fault Indication Green ok / Red defect
Remote Contacts (RC)RC Switching CapacityRC Conductor Cross Section (max) OptionalAC: 250V / 0.5 A; DC: 250V / 0.1 A;125V / 0.2 A;75V / 0.5 A16 AWG (Solid) / 1.5 mm2(Solid)


Q:Are you factory or trade company?
A:We are factory and can provide OEM,ODM with your demand.Plz confirm our factory video.

Q: Which TYPE of surge protector you can offer?
A: We can produce both DC and AC surge protectors.Ac types SPD will provide T1,T1T2,T2,T3 type in single-phase or three-phase .Dc types of SPD can provide 600V to 1200V in voltage.Also can customize with your demand.

Q: How to select the SPD to protect your system?
A: In the main distribution box of the facility,usually will use T1 and T1T2 type.In the secondary distribution box,usually will
use T1T2 or T2 type.In the terminal of distribution box like residence,usually will use T2 or T3 type.Plz contact with salesman to select the specs.

Q: Which certification or standard do you have?
A: Our company currently has CE and RoHS certification and related test reports.And all conforms to IEC 61643-11 and national standard GB/T18802.1.

Q: How to control product quality?
A: From the chip to copper part,We use good material to produce all accessories ourself. Each procedure of producing is controlled by automated equipment and will test by machine so we can keep the quality and delivery term.

Q: About the dc type surge protector
A: At present,we can provide T1T2 and T2 type dc spd. T1T2 type will be used in mian distribution box for PV system.T2 type will be used in distribution box for personal solar system.

Q: About the mov/varistor
A: We can sell the chip separately and you can choose mov with different currents and voltage.

Q: About the delivery term
A: At present,we dont make enough stock for all models. Plz confirm with salesman to get the accurate delivery term.

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